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Today a friend of mine crowned me the queen of lazy hair! It had me all smiles because she knows me all too well. This post was inspired by my visit to my hairdresser's today. And I was faced with the reality that the reason I go all the way ( out of my way) is because they don't make a big deal when I need a chair held here or something else passed to me. They don't make a mountain out of the 'double chair' I so often request for.As you read this, just ponder at how accessible your hairdresser is to those with different disabilities.
These are the days when I enjoy going to the salon, before you run off I won't go on and on about types of hair food or hair colour or whatever other languages are spoken at the hairdresser's. The conversation here was nonexistent for a good long while till one of those undoing my hair mentions about how ticked off about this old friend who seems to think they have a few shillings to handout. This is not a one off incidence bu…