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To better days and an end to the anguish

Happy New Year!!!!!
2015 was quite an eventful year so much so that I often caught myself unsure of when certain events had taken place. 
It was an amazing year 
The conversations around muscular dystrophy became recognised in Kenya and encouraged the entire MD family  to continue talking about what how they go about their lives. #YALI2015
 It was an adventurous year 
Thanks to the Mandela Washington fellowship, I met amazing people, fell in love with Swahili language for its beauty, got a chance to use a scooter and be fine with it, enjoy it actually thanks to the numerous wheelchair and scooter races on campus, dance without minding about seeming to have two left feet and enjoy moments in the sun after being holed up in a cold room like it's the best thing in the world. #YOLO
I discovered the beauty of not giving anxiety too much power over what you can and cannot do the art of not overthinking plans. A lovely bird always tells me that I have OCD that I shouldn't use around her. A…