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My name is Khan

Have you ever watched a movie that impacts greatly on your life from that moment on? One that changes you and how you deal with situations?
My name is Khan is one such movie for me.
"There are only two kinds of people in this world"
"Good peoplewho do good deeds"
"And bad people who do bad"
"Good people. Bad people. No other difference"

This conversation rings in my head very many times .

The Kenyan Persons with Disabilities Act 2003 which is currently under review provides under Article 21- Accessibility and mobility that " Persons with disabilities are entitled to barrier free and disability friendly environments to enable them to have access to buildings, roads and other social amenities and assistive devices and other equipment to promote their mobility"
Due to limitations brought about by this Muscular dystrophy that has decided to be a parasite on my muscles, I've developed gravitational insecurities when faced with uneven ground, wet surfaces, inclining ground, staircases without rails and heights, even that between the ground and myself.
There's this place that I go to on a daily basis and there are about 50 parking spaces in the building with some of them being outside the main entrance. Out of these, none of them is reserved for drivers with disabilities.
This means that all the parking slots are the standard size which makes them unsuitable for a person with a disability who needs a slot that is 11/2 sizes compared to the regular parking slot. Now, I stand corrected but I happen to be the only regular driver with a disability on the premises and I come complete with a sticker

that always leaves me with a smile though I'd have been happier with this one.
Am I overreacting?
There's a rotation that should happen to decide who gets to back away from the building at a paid parking which is about 400meatres away without a footpath in between. The choice of the day is open and those in the ballot can pick the days when would be okay parking away. Your reason could be anything from that day being the one when you don't have an evening class that would require your car being close by just in case you need to dash out in a hurry. That or the day you decide to not have a disability meaning walking on the distance would not put your at risk of bodily harm and your muscles will be as good as new without an ounce of fatigue!
That second part is my interpretation when someone who has never helped you lobby for an accessible slot let alone a parking slot suggests that you pick a day that you are okay with parking elsewhere.

When I get there in the morning and the guards manning the gate ( who have helped me up once when I fell on a sunny morning going into the building) who have observed the trouble I have walking from the parking slot that I lobbied for together with a friend months back, up the steep incline to get into the building and decide to direct me to a slot close to an alternative entrance that is safe for me to walk without the constant fear that my hyperactive legs will give way or having a pebble under my feet that will send me to the ground in seconds, then walk into the office and someone asks you where you parked while reminding you that it was your day to park elsewhere, am more certain that ever that there are only two people in the world, Good people and Bad people.

Total Number of Parking Spaces in Parking Facility(Lot or Garage)
Minimum Number of Accessible Parking Spaces Required
1 - 25
26 - 50
51 - 75
76 - 100
101 - 150
151 - 200
201 - 300
301 - 400
401 - 500
501 - 1000
2% of total
1001 and over
20, plus 1 for each 100, or fraction there­of, over 1000


  1. No you ain't overreacting ... those are bad people right there!!! Hugs.

  2. Bad people... extremely unreasonable.

  3. Thanks guys, good too hear I'm not overreacting


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